It’s no secret that playtime is the key to a happy canine–especially when you have a high-energy dog or puppy.

With its ability to foster bonding as well as preventing the onset of destructive behavior, any expert will stress the importance of playtime for you and your dog, whether it’s a game of fetch, keepaway, or tug of war.

But sometimes, there are moments in which you just can’t drop everything to play with your dog–whether it’s a rainy day, time spent apart, or a busy afternoon in which you need to get things done. 

If this has ever happened to you, you’re not alone; the solution here is an interactive dog toy.

Dog Interactive toy

Dog Interactive toys are fantastic for you and your pup, as they'll typically offer two options:

  • Keep your dog entertained and occupied
  • Give owners the opportunity to play in a way that’s just as satisfying for them

Interactive dog toys come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but they all present an effortless way to elevate your dog’s playtime.

We’re about to share our favorite interactive toys for bonding with your dog or puppy, but first, let’s be clear about what we look for:

Durability of Dog Interactive toys

You’d do anything for your pet. 

However, no dog owner loves having to repurchase the same toys over and over again. Whether your dog is easygoing on her toys, or overall a tough chewer, we made sure to stick with interactive dog toys that offer durability for longer-lasting playtime.

Sustainable Materials

Let’s face it: most dog toys won’t last forever.

When a toy has reached the point of being torn to shreds, we want to dispose of it with the peace of mind that we’re not doing further damage to the environment. 

That’s why we love looking for dog toys or dog gift sets that feature sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, recycled plastics, and the most durable vegan leathers.

A Stylish Look


Dog toys have a pretty consistent presence in your home, so it’s worth it to invest in something that actually looks good in your space. We scoured the market for the best in stylish interactive toys for dogs and puppies.

Toys for Active Chewers


Dogs who love to chew tend to do so with purpose, and many owners know it all too well: they go straight for the squeaker, or they may tirelessly work to shred the seams.

We love the BREUR Dog Toy for active chewers, because it pacifies that need to chew, but it’s made with durable materials that’ll last your pup a few extra playtimes.

With soft-textured cotton and gentle corduroy that massages the gums, the BREUER toy makes the ideal choice for active chewers. Plus, it’s designed to stand up at all angles, creating an easy grip for your dog, and overall better comfort.

Squeaky Toys for Dogs & Puppies

According to the American Kennel Club, our dogs’ love for squeaky toys is tied to their wolf ancestry–essentially, the high-pitched sound of a squeaky toy engages their predator instinct which, for your furry friend, usually translates to some high-intensity playtime.

If your dog’s a lover of squeaky toys, there’s a chance he won’t rest until he’s found the source of the sound, actively “killing” his prey, and ripping his brand new toy to shreds.

While it’s all good and fun for him, it’s not as enjoyable for you, who now has a mess to clean up and a toy to replace.

Naturally, owners are always looking for something that’ll be squeaking for longer, which is why we love that the NOU Dog Toy is as interactive as it’s durable. 

Nou features not one, not two, but four different squeakers hidden throughout the toy, along with tough, design-grade corduroy, which is perfect for gnawing on as they enjoy the stimulation that the squeakers provide. Whether your dog is small, medium or large, they’ll discover endless ways to play.

Fetch Toys for Dogs & Puppies

Like squeaky toys, fetch toys help activate your dog’s primal side, which is great for getting those excess zoomies out in the afternoon.

When playing fetch with your dog or puppy, your classic tennis ball will do just fine. But for a bit more mileage, we love dog toys that let you interact with your dog or puppy in a plethora of ways.

When you’re playing with the O NOU Dog Toy, fetch is never your only option–tie it into a knot or pretzel, or unfurl it for a game of tug of war. With two super-squeakers and extra sturdy stitching, the play possibilities are never ending, and sure to leave your dog happy and panting.

Interactive Toys for Teething Puppies

When your puppy is in his teething phase, he can quickly go from the precious new addition to your family, to an agent of pure destruction. In other words: shredded socks, chewed-on tennis shoes, or worse, damage to your home.

That’s why it’s crucial to give him a toy that’ll give his teeth and gums some relief, while keeping your living room intact.

With high-grade corduroy and a silent, squeaker-free design, the Nounounou Dog Toy is gentle on your puppy’s new teeth, while providing a nice massage on the gums. 

And with its unique, moldable shape, Nounounou lets you get creative as your puppy’s teething style changes. Make it a pretzel, a boating knot, a tossing ball or a tug of war rope. Suitable for small dogs and puppies.

Puzzle Toys for Dogs

Just like us, dogs require mental stimulation to keep them happy. What’s more, exercising their memory and recall is not only great for brain health, and they’re a great way to keep your dog occupied and mentally engaged.

At Koston, we offer a number of different puzzle toys, perfect for when your dog plays solo, or for when you need some bonding playtime together.

For some treat-driven brain teasers, the GUU Dog Toy encourages play with six small slit pockets to hold rewards, while a round, wobbly bottom provides a little mobility challenge! 

Or, for something more versatile, the Nounou Dog Toy inspires creativity in canines and owners alike. Easily mold it into a dozen different shapes, or hide treats in the knots to encourage your pup’s problem solving. 

August 08, 2022
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