With their sweet, smushed-in faces, uncontested zest for life, and adorably compact bodies, French bulldogs have topped the list of favorite dog breeds time and time again.

If you’re the proud owner of one, you’ve likely grown accustomed to turning heads and raising smiles, and maybe even the occasional “Look! A Frenchie!” from onlookers.

And when your pup is getting that kind of attention, they deserve a harness that they look and feel good in. But with their unique body shape and variation in size, finding a stylish harness for your Frenchie can be a challenge. 

Luckily, the Essential Harness provides your Frenchie with function, fit, and a style that’s just as unique as she is!

But first, let’s go more into depth on what makes the most stylish harness for French Bulldogs.

The Best Harness for French Bulldogs - What to Look for

French Bulldogs
When searching for a stylish harness for your French bulldog, you’ll want one that includes the following:
  • A snug, adjustable fit
  • Easy application
  • Hooks in the front and back
  • Ethical materials
  • Stylish design

Here’s why Koston’s Essential Harness checks every box.

Snug, Adjustable Fit

Frenchies are known for their variety: no two are alike, and you can bet on true uniqueness when it comes to your own special pup–he  might be stocky and built, or maybe he’s sleek and slim.

But this can pose a bit of a challenge when it comes to finding a harness that fits, since there’s really no standard size.

The fact of the matter is that all Frenchies are different, so there’s not going to be a one-size-fits-all option. 

The solution?

A harness you can adjust with ease. 

The Essential Harness will hug your Frenchie just enough for them to feel secure, without feeling confined. 

And with straightforward straps for quick and easy adjustments, you can make it the perfect fit for your Frenchie’s unique dimensions in just a split second.

With French bulldogs, especially, owners are strongly encouraged to measure for the correct fit with the help of our size chart here.

Easy Application

As most owners will tell you, Frenchies can be quite wiggly–especially when they know they’re about to go on an outing with their human.

If you struggle to harness your pup in a timely manner, our Essential Harness’s clasp is positioned to the side to grant owners the best range of motion, making it simple to get it on and off your Frenchie. 

Hooks From the Front & Back

Frenchies may be small, but their owners know how powerful they can be–especially when there’s a stray squirrel or a fellow pup she wants to befriend.

If you need a little more power over the pulling, hooking your Frenchie’s leash from the front may be the best option, so we love a harness for French bulldogs that have hooks in both the front and back.

You don’t have to look far to find some great no-pull designs, like Frisco’s Padded harness, but what do owners do when they want something that’s as chic as it’s reliable?

The Essential Harness was designed to answer this exact question, which is why it features hooks to leash onto in both the front and back. Great for both walks and safe car rides.

Cruelty-Free Materials

We can agree that Frenchies can pack a punch, and it’s enough to warrant a harness and leash that’ll stand the test of time.

More often than not, vendors will insist that leather is the best material to go with, both in terms of function and form.

And to be fair, leather is a great look for any French bulldog–just look at this harness from Pitbull Gear, which is also designed for smaller breeds.

But as more individuals come to grips with the atrocities of the livestock industry, there’s been an increasing demand for cruelty-free alternatives. 

While the majority of vegan leather harnesses are made with cheap, fast-wearing plastics, the Essential Harness is made with high-quality, chip-resistant, certified-vegan leather that’s breathable, stylish, and built to last. 


Despite her size, your Frenchie is a natural head-turner. So why put her in a harness that’ll cramp her style?

With tasteful colors, simple vegan leather straps, and stunning gold zinc alloy hardware, your French Bulldog is bound to look stylish and feel secure in her Essential Harness, wherever she’s headed next.

Best of all, you can complete the look with a matching leash, as featured in our walk kit.

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August 04, 2022
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