When you’re a dog owner, your canine’s comfort is a top priority, period. 

Whether it’s a comfy and stylish, like this pet bed one from Bad Marlon, or even a chic floor pillow reserved just for them, we love creating surfaces where our pets can relax. 

But in some instances, it’s about so much more than comfort–it’s about safety, too.

And if you’ve ever undergone a car ride with a pup causing commotion, you know how jarring it can be. 

Whether they’re climbing in your lap or skidding around your interior, they can pose some dangerous distractions, which can quickly become a liability.

That’s why it’s crucial that your dog is kept secure when traveling, but let’s do it in style, shall we?

Today, we’re talking about the best, most stylish dog car seats for your most precious cargo.


The Best & Most Stylish Dog Car Seats - What to Look for

When searching for a car seat for your your dog, you’ll want one that includes the following:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Quality, Vegan Materials
  • Ease of Transport

Here’s why Monchouchou’s Pet Car Seat checks every box.


As much as we love our pets riding with us, they can pose a serious liability when they’re unrestrained in a moving vehicle–after, you wouldn’t drive a child without a seatbelt or car seat!

What’s worse: even the slightest fender-bender can be enough to hurl your dog forward, spelling out danger for not only them, but human passengers, as well.

That’s why it’s crucial to choose a car seat for your dog that securely keeps them in place.

With two differently-sized safety leashes, two standard-sized and three super-sized safety hooks, Monchouchou goes the extra mile in providing your pet with the security she needs. And with a grippy, non-skid bottom, Monchouchou works to minimize slipping, sliding, and jerking on car rides.

Comfort of dog car seats

Undoubtedly, the best carseat for dogs is going to be one that they’ll actually want to use, which means it’s imperative that they feel comfortable. 

That’s why Monchouchou’s seats are designed with cushy padding, soft linings with removable zip covers, and a double-sided cushion so that it meshes with your dog’s sense of comfort.

Best of all, Monchouchou’s Car Seat features two comfortable dimensions: the normal size, which is 53cm x 47cm x 44cm, or the supersize: a spacious 75cmx 50cmx 44cm.

Style in dog car seats

More than anything, your dog deserves to travel comfortably and safely.

But when you’re also looking to travel in style, your options are limited–especially when you’re traveling with a larger breed.

For instance, the Everyday Pet Carrier from Wild One might look great, but it’s only going to work for the smallest of breeds.

All dogs deserve the best, most stylish car seats, and Monchouchou makes that possible.

Whether he’s a Yorkie or a yellow lab, your dog will always look (and feel) like he’s riding first class.

Monchouchou’s seats come in smart, unisex shades for a look that’s as elegant as it’s practical. 

And while most brands use a thin, spray-on gold plating for their hardware, Monchouchou uses a thicker, finely-molded gold plating to ensure longer-lasting quality and a luxurious golden luster.

And for those who seek a little extra luxe, the Fur Edition presents an extra cozy option. 

Quality, Vegan Materials

It’s hard to deny the appeal of a car seat for dogs that features leather–especially when it’s something smart and chic like the Shaya Pet Carrier.

But as a company devoted to animals and their welfare, we choose to avoid the use of animal skins altogether. 

Instead, we strive to find the best of the best in vegan leather, among other sustainable materials.

Made with the highest caliber of certified-vegan leather, Monchouchou’s car seats are designed for durability, strength, and a genuine feel. 

Best of all, it's vegan leather that lasts like leather–it’s weatherproof, water-repellent, and chip-resistant. 

Use it to your heart’s content anytime, anywhere–you can even seat your dog with it outdoors!

Ease of Transport

Traveling already comes with some major stressors, and your pets’ well-being is always a big one. 

But when you’re lugging around a heavy, cumbersome dog car seat, no one’s happy. And while it’s true that back-seat beds like the Snoozer Lookout II can be great for the larger dogs, it's not so convenient when you’ll need to tote it around. Plus, there’s a travel tag for extra peace of mind during longer travels.

But with Monchouchou, your dog will be comfy and secure, and you’ll be struggling a whole lot less. With effortless attachments to any seat and exceptional portability, the Monchouchou seat will comfortably support your dog anywhere–whether it’s in the seat of a sedan, SUV, or a Boeing 747.

In other words, a much smoother trip.

August 16, 2022
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