What is a Dog Walking App?

Like Uber for travel and DoorDash for food, dog walking apps are technology platforms that connect people seeking dog walking services with those who offer dog walking services. 

Which Dog Walking App is Best?

Little finding the right babysitter or daycare for a child, finding the right person to walk your dog 

The OG: Rover

With a 4.8  star rating and over 14K reviews, Rover is like Uber for your dog. Rover is easy to use, widely known, and all bookings and payments are done within the app. Rover is one of the OGs and one of largest networks of dog walkers. It also boasts boarding, house sitting, grooming, and doggy daycare. 

Who’s it best for?

If you like the well paved road and the well tested service, Rover is for you. 

Where is it Available?

Rover is available in the US and Canada. 

The Convenience Factor: Wag!

Get your puppy PJs because Wag! Offers walking, drop ins, training, and our favorite feature - overnights! Wag! shares a commitment that is near and dear to our hearts, with a portion of every walk going towards feeding shelter dogs. 

Who’s it best for?

Wag! is perfect for busy folks who want convenience and safety. Wag! offers GPS-tracked walks and custom lock boxes and easy booking. 

Where is it Available?

Wag! is available in the US, across 50 states. 

Exclusively for Walks: Barkly Pets

Barkly focuses exclusively on dog walking and emphasizes safety. Touting that they have the best dog safety rating since 2007, Barkly is now available US nationwide.  

Who’s it best for?

Barkly Pets is best for those who want a safe and trusted dog walker from a company focused on only dog walking. 

Where is it Available?

Barkly is available US nationwide.  

Got Flexibility? Fetch! Pet Care

Fetch! Pet Care is a US-based dog service app that offers flexible hours and various services, from walks to pet sitting to pet taxi services. All Fetch! Dog walkers and dog sitters are Safety Certified. 

Who’s it best for?

Fetch! is good for those who need a last minute service or flexible hours. 

Where is it Available?

Fetch! Pet Care is available in the US.  

90 Mins or Your Walk is Free: Spot

As seen on Dragon’s Den, Spot is a Canadian-based dog walking service that guarantees your walker will arrive in  90 mins or less, or your walk is free. 

Who’s it best for?

Spot is great for those who love a challenge (will they get there in under 2 hours, or will my walk be free? It’s a win either way). 

Where is it Available?

Wag! is available in major Canadian cities - Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton. 



App-Free: Your Local Dog Walker

Not all dog walkers are on an app. Connect with a local dog walker in your area at the dog park, on a walk, or Instagram

Who’s it best for?

Making an IRL connection with a local dog walker is for you for those who like a meet-cute movie situation. 

Where is it Available?

Wherever is local to you. 

What are the Benefits of a Professional Dog Walker?

Hiring a dog walker is great if you’re busy, out of the house for the majority of the day, or have an active dog who has energy to burn.  A professional dog walker booked through a reliable app offers you the safety and trust you’re looking for when it comes to caring for your pet. 

How Much Does Dog Walking Cost? 

The cost of dog walking services ranges depending on time, number of dogs, immediacy of booking, and more. 

Using Spot as an example, walks range from 15 - 60 mins and $12.80 - $28.00

Most dog walking apps offer walk packages at a discount, so once you find an app you like it’s worth your while to look into packages and recurring bookings. 

Key Takeaways

Your dog is your BFF, your comfort, your support, your family. And they need to get outside. So, grab your collar, leash, and book a dog walking service (or take your favorite pooch out) today. 

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January 28, 2022
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