At KOSTON we are all about fashion for our furry friends. So, with you, our urban, stylish, pet-loving friends in mind, we’re here to say your search for dog accessories is over.

If you’re looking for the perfect walking accessory for your pup or a unique gift idea for your dog-loving friend, this list is where you’ll find it. 


KOSTON Dog Collar boston terrier

Essential Collars

This collection of collars gets major style points for its chic style and bonus points for its quality because all dogs deserve the best accessories. A flat collar is worn around the neck and is what you typically think of when you imagine a dog collar. The Essential Collar in Black by KOSTON are flat collars designed for urban dogs with style.

Having the right fit with the correct adjustments means your dog can’t escape from the collar and ensures that it is comfortable and safe. 

How to Get the Right Fit for a Collar

Center a measuring tape around your dog's neck.

Place two fingers between their neck and their measuring tape to avoid getting too tight. 

Use those numbers and the corresponding measurements below to determine the right size for your dog. 


No measuring tape? No problem. 

You can use a string to measure your dog by marking the length of the string around your dog's neck or chest, then measure the string by comparing it next to a ruler.

If you are having difficulty finding your pup’s measurements or deciding which size to order, reach out to us with your dog’s breed, and one of our team members will help you find the right size!


KOSTON Dog Accessories harness

Essentials Harness

Think of all the walks you’ll take together. It’s only right that you have a leash that suits your style, supports your dog, and is easy to clean. 

If you’re looking for the most versatility and an option that can grow with the needs of your pup, a dual-clip harness, like The Essentials Harness, is your go-to option.

This harness comes with a versatile dual leash placement with a D-clip at the chest and at the back, which allows you to adjust the leash depending on your dog's maturity and training progress. 

The Essentials Harness is made of vegan leather with a nylon interior and zinc alloy logo hardware. It is available in various colors and is adjustable to fit a wide range of urban pets. 

How to Measure your Dog’s Neck and Chest For a Harness 

Center a measuring tape around your dog's neck and chest. 

Place two fingers between the neck and the measuring tape to avoid getting too tight. 

Use those numbers and the corresponding measurements below to determine the right size for your dog. 

Our harnesses will fit most size dogs, from the smallest Chihuahuas to the largest Great Danes. 

Size Reference:

S -- For small dogs like Chihuahuas

M -- For small to medium size dogs like Boston Terriers

L -- For large dogs like Boxers

XL -- For huge dogs like Great Danes

Once you have fastened the harness (or collar), check for proper fit by ensuring you can fit two fingers between your dog and the accessory. Just like Goldilocks, you want to make sure the fit is just right.

Too loose, and the harness or collar may slip, or your dog may get out. Too tight, and it may be uncomfortable for your pup.


Montreal Leash

A blend of aesthetics and function, KOSTON leashes are designed in varied neutrals to match any outfit. Even the most discerning fashion enthusiast will find one that suits their mood. 

They are made with our unique flex-poly coated nylon strap that is super durable and easy to clean. The multiple zinc alloy snap hooks and coated carbon steel D-rings allow for adjustable lengths to navigate city traffic or enjoy a stroll through the park.

Get ready to feel like all eyes are on you because your four-legged friend is about to turn heads at the dog park with the Montreal Leash.

Waste Bag Holders

Essential Bag Holder 

You’re on a walk with your BFF (best furry friend), they stop, sniff, and well, you know. You reach into your pocket for a poop bag and come out empty-handed. Yikes! 

While it may be a good conversation starter, there are better ways to make friends at the dog park than having to “borrow” a bag. 

Carry your poop bags in style with the Essential Bag Holder. Made of vegan PU leather, this holder easily clips to your leach with durable gold zinc alloy hardware and holds one standard roll of poop bags. 

So, now you have a bag to spare without having to sacrifice style. 

Community Support

Meals for Shelter Pets

Because the best accessory is a kind heart, we can’t help but share our love for the BC SPCA. This year, we donated 1000 meals split between shelter dogs at the Vancouver branch of the BC SPCA and homeless dogs through Charlie’s Food Bank. If you’re interested in learning more or are curious about donating, check out this blog

Key Takeaways

Each accessory you buy should be functional, fit your lifestyle and pup’s body, and look good. With Pets at KOSTON, that’s always possible. 

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December 10, 2021
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