85% of dog owners consider their pets as part of the family, so you probably do too. Whether you've raised yours from the time they were a puppy or you picked them up as a full-grown canine at a shelter, there's no doubt you've made lots of unforgettable memories with your dog.

Naturally, you want the best for your four-legged friend. And because you've got luxurious taste, your dog has to have designer items too.

Luckily for you, there are designer pet toys that aren't just interesting to play with, but also look and feel high-quality too.

Keep reading to see what luxury dog toys you can spoil your pup with.

Monchouchou Whale Toy

Monchouchou is a dog-loving Korean design company that's well-known for its beautiful dog carseats and other accessories. So you can bet that their dog toys are amazing as well, as they're handmade.

When your puppy needs a companion they can also chew on and play rough with, then the Monchouchou whale toy is perfect for the job. It's a long, rectangle-shaped toy that's flat so it's easy to carry around (it measures 24 cm by 12 cm).

The face is stitched on with a long line for its mouth and Xes for its eyes, which give it a comical look. On top are some thick white strands of yarn that look like water coming out of the blowhole; these should provide hours of entertainment for your pup.

This toy comes in 3 different colors: blue, gray, and pink. It's made of 100% cotton fabric and makes 2 interesting sounds to keep your dog entertained.

Interactive play object for dogs

Lambwolf GUU Dog Toy

Lambwolf is a New York designer-pet goods company. Like Monchouchou, Lambwolf has a fantastic selection of dog care items that are made from the highest quality materials.

Their GUU dog toy is shaped like a button mushroom; it measures 4 inches by 5 inches. But that's not all; underneath, there are 6 slit pockets you can stuff with treats to give your pup a challenge. This should give your pet plenty of mental stimulation and exercise, as they'll spend long periods trying to pry out these tasty treats.

Once the toy's empty, you can pull the pockets to wash them. This will keep the GUU dog toy looking and smelling fresh.

This toy comes in the colors of haze and oat.

Lambwolf BREUR Dog Toy

Is your pup driving you nuts by gnawing on anything and everything they can find? Then give them a Lambwolf BREUR dog toy.

This toy is shaped like a jack so it stands up no matter which way you orient it. Each of its 4 parts has a squeaker, so when your dog bites into it, it'll reward them with a fun sound.

This toy's been carefully designed so that when a dog bites into it, it'll massage the jaws. Not to mention, it's made of soft and textured cotton on top of corduroy fabric, so it'll be gentle on your pup's mouth.

The BREUR dog toy comes in 2 sizes: small (5"x5"x1") and large (6.5"x7.5"x2"). You can also choose between cream and taupe for the color.

Lambwolf O NOU Dog Toy

Lambwolf is hands-down the best brand for minimal design dog toys. The O NOU dog toy is a long, cylindrical object that can be knotted up in all different shapes. From there, you can either play tug of war, toss the toy around, or just let your puppy chew on it (they'll go nuts for the 2 large super-squeakers).

When the toy's knotted, you can also hide treats inside. This gives your dog something exciting to do and they'll be handsomely rewarded when they manage to unknot the toy.

The O NOU dog toy is 58 inches when fully unknotted and 2 inches in diameter. This decreases to 25 inches when knotted once. Choose from colors of oat, sage, and mauve.

Lambwolf NOUNOUNOU Dog Toy

The NOUNOUNOU dog toy is another knottable toy from the brand, but with some noticeable differences.

Firstly, there are no squeakers or bells, so your ears will get some rest if they need it. This toy is also made of design-grade corduroy fabric, which gives the toy a different texture.

Plus, the NOUNOUNOU is slightly shorter and thinner. It's 46 inches long when fully unknotted and 1 inch in diameter. This decreases to around 10 inches when knotted 3 times.

Your color options here are rose and pearl.

Lambwolf NOUNOU Dog Toy

For more knottable play things, get the Lambwolf NOUNOU dog toy, which looks like the O NOU's sibling.

However, instead of squeakers, this toy has bells. And it's made of soft nylon-infused fabric.

The NOUNOU dog toy is 49 inches long when unknotted, with a 1.15-inch diameter. This shrinks to around 15 inches when you knot it twice.

Unlike the other toys, you only have 1 color choice here, which is a grayish shade.

Lambwolf NOU Dog Toy

The Lambwolf NOU dog toy is similar in looks to the NOUNOUNOU, thanks to its design-grade corduroy fabric. However, it'll make plenty of noise for your pup, as it has 4 squeakers that are hidden throughout.

This toy is 53 inches when unknotted, with a 1.5-inch diameter. This decreases to around 15 inches if you knot it twice.

Your color choices here are creme and taupe.

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September 08, 2022
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