Compact, yet muscular. Small, yet spunky. 

Your Boston terrier exudes a variety of traits, but “boring” is never one of them.

With a boxy build, large round eyes, and a strapping tuxedo coat, Boston terriers make a statement simply by entering a room. They have a true zest for life, which is why you love them.

It’s also why you need a harness that’s right for them.

Your Boston terrier deserves a harness that’s just as strong & unique as his personality–and just as reliable. Luckily, the Essential Harness provides the function, fit, and style that will keep up with him every day.

Harnesses vs Collars for Boston Terriers

Many Boston terrier owners have faced the common dilemma: should I use a harness or a collar for my dog?

As a general rule of thumb, harnesses are the better option for keeping your Boston terrier secure.

This preference particularly applies to dog breeds that are prone to respiratory and trachea problems, which can be exacerbated by the pulling and tugging of a collar around the neck, according to Insider and Boston Terrier Forums

And with Boston terriers, bulging eyes can be an issue, as well. 

Large, buggy eyes are one of the key characteristics that make Boston Terriers adorable, yet they can also pose problems due to eye fluid buildup. Because of this, Boston terrier owners are advised not to pull hard on collars, as the discomfort can spike eye fluid buildup or, in some cases, cause eye bulges.

Aside from that, Boston terriers are known in general for their sensitivity and good temperament, and as such, they don’t generally respond well to assertive or domineering behavior. 

And while they may be prone to the occasional bout of playfulness, their sporadic jerks are nothing a good harness can’t handle.

The Best Harness for Boston Terriers - What to Look for

When searching for a stylish harness for your Boston terrier, you’ll want one that includes the following:

  • A snug, adjustable fit
  • An easy-to-wear design
  • Convenient hook placement
  • Sustainable materials
  • Stylish look

Here’s why Koston’s Essential Harness for Boston terriers fits the bill.

Snug, Adjustable Fit

No two Boston terriers are the same, and each one has his own unique dimensions.

And when it comes to finding the best harness for Boston terriers, it can be tricky to pinpoint the right size.

The solution?

A harness that’s a breeze to adjust.

The Essential Harness comes in a broad size range, featuring straps that are a snap to adjust for just the right amount of snugness. 

With Boston terriers especially, owners are strongly encouraged to measure for the correct fit with the help of our size chart here.

Easy-to-Wear Design

Boston terriers are known for their wiggles–especially when they know they’re about to go on an adventure.

If you struggle to get your Boston terrier out the door, our Essential Harness is here to help. The torso clasp is positioned to the side, granting owners the best range of motion–easy to put on, easy to take off.

Hooks From the Front & Back

Despite their compact size, we know how powerful Boston terriers can be–especially when they get excited.

If your Boston terrier tends to pull, leashing her from the front may be the best option. That’s why we love a harness for Boston terriers that have hooks for leashes in both the front and back.

You don’t have to look far to find some great no-pull designs, but what do owners do when they want something that’s as stylish as it is user-friendly?

The Essential Harness features hooks that allow you to leash onto both the front and back. Great for both walks and safe car rides.

Sustainable Materials

Despite their small size and sweet temperament, Boston terriers are known to contain boundless energy, which is enough to warrant a harness that’ll stand the test of time.

As many vendors will tell you, leather is often the most popular material in high-end harnesses, since they provide both style and function.

But as more dog owners grow acquainted with the atrocities of the livestock industry, there’s been a rise in demand for cruelty-free alternatives. 

Unfortunately, though, most vegan leather harnesses are made with cheap, fast-wearing plastics. The Essential Harness, on the other hand, is made with high-quality, chip-resistant, certified-vegan leather that’s both breathable and built to last. 


Your Boston terrier is the perfect blend of elegant & unique, and she deserves a harness that compliments her style.

Featuring a simple, minimalistic design that’s available in an array of timeless colors, vegan, your Boston terrier is bound to look stylish and feel secure in her Essential Harness, wherever she’s headed next.

Complete the look with a matching leash, as featured in our walk kit.

September 02, 2022
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