About 68% of people in the US own a dog. When someone gets a new puppy, there are certain essentials they'll need to keep the little guy happy and healthy. The list can get a little expensive. 

You can help your friend by getting them some of what their dog needs. Even if your friend has had their pet for a while, no dog lover will say no to toys and a stylish dog harness. These are only a few luxury items you can get your friend's pet. 

Continue reading for a complete list of the best gifts for dog lovers. 


When a dog doesn't have a toy to chew on, they'll turn their attention to the furniture and unfortunate phone chargers. If your friend's dog is a rough chewer, they'll go through cheaper toys within days. 

That's the benefit of luxury toys like the Monchouchou whale toy. It's built with rough chewers in mind. It's 24 cm by 11 cm, so your friend's pup should have no problems carrying it around with them. 

This toy isn't only for chewing. The blowhole has thick strands of yarn on top that the dog can tug. It makes noises to keep them entertained and comes in three different colors. 

Lambwolf has a collection of designer dog toys made with quality materials that your friend's pup won't be able to destroy. Their GUU mushroom toy is a stand-out.

It has pockets that can hold dog treats. Getting the treats out can pose a challenge that will keep the dog's brain stimulated. It can also provide the dog with a little light exercise. 

Once the dog's pulled all the treats out, your friend can remove the pockets from the toy and wash them. This will keep the toy clean and prevent it from gathering crumbs. 

Poop Bag Carrier

There's one thing that no dog owner can leave the house without. That's poop bags. Not only is it a common courtesy to clean up after a pet, but it's also a requirement in most dog parks. 

That will make poop bag carriers one of the best gift ideas in 2024. It will give your favorite dog lover a fashionable and convenient way to carry the bags. Bonus points if you get them a bag with extra compartments for essentials like treats and keys. 

It doesn't take long to go through a roll of poop bags. Give your friend a pack along with their bag to replenish their supply.

Stylish Dog Harness and Leash

No one should walk their dog without a harness and leash. This is true for even the most well-behaved pup. Shop for stylish dog harnesses to give your friend a way to take their dog out. 

A front clip dog harness is recommended for most dogs. It gives the owner more control over which way the dog is going. Your friend can easily turn their pup around to face them if needed. 

Since your friend will have more control over the dog, they can teach them proper leash manners. You can get your friend a green dog harness or a brown leather dog harness. Buy them a sturdy vegan leather leash to go along with it. They can stand up to the roughest puller. 


Bowls are essential for any pet parent. Get your friend a set of raised dishes for their pet to eat out. 

The Oreo Pet Bowl by Beech will allow any dog to eat in comfort. They don't have any nooks that will trap pet food. That means your friend's dog will enjoy every last bite without straining themselves. 

These bowls aren't only functional. They also have a beautiful modern design and are dishwasher safe. They're scratch-resistant and microwave-safe. 

The Oreo Pet Bowls are appropriate for medium-sized dogs and cats. They aren't quite big enough to accommodate larger dogs. 

If your friend's pet tends to spill their food and water, throw in a food mat. If your favorite dog lover travels with their pet often, you should also include a collapsable water dish. This will prevent the dog from getting thirsty while on the road. 


Every dog loves to have a comfortable bed to lay in. The Linen Pet Day Bed by Oat has a sleek wooden frame that will make an attractive addition to your friend's home office or living room. 

The bed is water-resistant and easy to clean. All your friend has to do is remove the cushion and wash it by hand. They can spot-clean it with a damp cloth. 

Another good option is the Haro Pet Bed. It's made for pets that sleep in a hollow shape. It's the perfect bed for dogs that tend to shed a lot because it's resistant. 

Dust mites won't be able to settle within the microfiber cloth filling, and keeping it clean is easy. Your friend will only need to hand wash it in cool water and allow it to air dry. 

Dog Car Seat

Allowing dogs to travel in a car while unrestrained is dangerous. The dog could be thrown to the floorboard if the brakes are slammed on. Allowing a pet to roam around the vehicle freely can also pose a distraction, which can result in an accident. 

Give your friend's pet a comfortable dog car seat to travel around in. The Monchouchou seat comes with water-resistant fabric. Its design provides the perfect fit for any car. 

It has removable zip covers that make it easy to clean. The non-skid bottom will keep the seat firmly in place. It also has two safety leashes that will prevent your friend's dog from roaming around. 

Get an Amazing Gift for the Dog Lover in Your Life

Among the best gifts for dog lovers include a stylish dog harness, car seat, bowls, and beds. As you can see, there are many things that no dog lover can go without. Get your friend everything they need to keep their pet happy and healthy. 

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August 28, 2023


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