Agile, loyal, and larger than life, it’s no wonder why Great Danes are dubbed the “Apollo of dogs.”

However, the unique build of these gentle giants can pose a bit of a challenge: the hunt for a good harness.

Not only does a harness for your Great Dane need to fit (they can weigh up to 200 pounds), but it must also feature strength, steering, and ease of use.

So really, it’s just too much to find a functional harness for Great Danes that actually looks good.



As you’re about to see, the Essential Harness includes everything you need in a harness for your giant pup.

But first, let’s go more into depth on what makes the best harness for Great Danes.

The Best Harness for Great Danes - What to Look for

When shopping harnesses for Great Danes, you’ll want one that includes the following:

  • A large, adjustable fit

  • Easy of use

  • Hooks in the front and back for mobility

  • Ethical materials

  • Stylish design

Here’s why Koston’s Essential Harness checks every box.

The Right Fit for Great Danes

While it’s no secret that Great Danes are big, they’re also characterized by a barreled chest and a slim, svelte waist. That’s why it’s important to find a harness for your Great Dane that fits snugly to his body, without digging into or harming his trachea.

And while it might seem like a pretty basic feature, this is sure to rule out a lot of options pretty quickly. 

But with the Essential Harness, it’s all about the fit.

While most dog harnesses on the market only fit up to a 38” chest circumference, the Essential Harness fits up to 46.’’ Plus, it features straightforward straps for quick and easy adjustments, so you can make it the perfect fit for your Great Dane’s unique dimensions.

For an in-depth look on the Essential Harness’s fit, check out the size guide here.

Easy Wearing

When it comes to prepping for daily walks, any Great Dane owner will tell you: you’re basically saddling up a small horse.

And as massive as they are, some Great Danes really know how to squirm. That’s why it’s important to have a harness that you can slip them into, without the risk of them slipping out.

You’ll find a number of different harnesses that fit this bill–for instance, Rabbitgoo’s Escape Proof Tactical Dog Vest is easy to adjust, and exceptionally practical for Great Danes and other large breeds. However, few of these options feature a sleek, stylish design.

While most harnesses have closures on the top, the Essential Harness’s clasp is positioned to the side to grant owners the best range of motion for getting the harness on. 

No more snug neckholes, and no more dragging, tugging or pinching.

Hooks From All Angles

Sometimes, getting the harness on a Great Dane is only half the battle.

With their natural curiosity and exuberant disposition, Great Danes can become quite excitable on walks, and that can mean a lot of tugging and pulling. 

And with their boundless strength and massive size, owners need all the leverage they can get, lest a simple stroll becomes high-stakes tug-of-war.

The Essential Harness was designed with this issue in mind, which is why it features hooks to leash onto in both the front and back.

For many Great Dane owners, leashing from the front is really  the only way to go, since it allows more steering power over the shoulders and chest. 

Cruelty-Free Materials

When it comes to sturdy harnesses for Great Danes, many vendors will tout leather as the best option. 

And really, we can’t deny the stylishness leather provides–just look at this harness from Molly and Stitch.

However, the horrors of the livestock industry have led many individuals to question the ethics of shopping for leather. As a result, more and more dog owners seek a kinder option with the same level of durability in a dog harness.

While most vegan leather harnesses feature cheap, fast-wearing plastics, Koston crafts every piece with high-quality, chip-resistant, certified-vegan leather that’s breathable, stylish, and built to last. 


Of course, it’s imperative that your harness fits and functions to your best friend’s needs.

But just as much as she deserves function, you deserve style.

After all, your Great Dane may be massive, but we all know she’s running circles around her friends at the park–graceful circles, at that.

So why would we ever diminish that with a bulky harness?

With minimal straps for an elegant design, stunning gold zinc alloy hardware and stylish, flattering colors, your Great Dane is guaranteed to stand out wherever she goes.

Best of all, you can complete the look with a matching leash, as featured in our walk kit.


April 25, 2022
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