As pet owners, it's our responsibility to provide our pets with everything they need to live a happy, healthy life. An important part of this is having the right pet accessories that keep them safe, comfortable, and entertained. 

The right accessories make being a pet owner much easier and more enjoyable. They allow you to spend quality time with your pet while keeping them protected.

Let’s explore why pet accessories are so important and provide a list of must-have items to get for your dog or cat. 

Why Are Pet Accessories Essential?

Pet accessories are essential for a pet's safety, training, play, and health. Having the right accessories can help keep a pet secure, teach good behavior, provide mental stimulation, and support physical needs.

1. Safety

Accessories like dog leashes and harnesses allow owners to keep their pets close and prevent them from running off or getting lost. For cats, breakaway collars can prevent choking hazards. Crates and gates create safe spaces and limit access to dangerous areas in the home. 

2. Training 

Training tools like clickers, treats, and toys engage a pet's natural instincts and provide positive reinforcement during training. This allows owners to effectively communicate and curb unwanted behaviors like barking, chewing, or jumping.

3. Play

Interactive toys give pets an outlet for their energy and stave off boredom that leads to destructive behaviors. Things like fetch balls, chew toys, cat wands, and puzzle toys provide mental and physical stimulation.

4. Health

Accessories can aid pet health. Bowls, mats, and stands make eating and drinking more comfortable. Dental and grooming products promote hygiene. Apparel like shoes, jackets, and sunglasses allow pets to safely enjoy the outdoors in all weather. Medication dispensers help give proper doses.

6 Must-Have Pet Accessories

Every pet owner wants to provide their furry friend with the best care and essentials for a happy, healthy life. Certain pet accessories are must-haves to ensure your pet's comfort, safety, and enjoyment. Here are some of the top pet accessories to consider:

1. Leashes

Leashes are a critical accessory for walking and controlling your dog safely. They come in a variety of types and materials to suit different needs. 

Crafted for adventures with your furry companion, the Montreal dog leash offers durability and a comfortable walk. 

    • 5ft Length
    • It's made from 100% cotton rope and has a brass bolt snap.
    • Double-layered vegan leather leash with a nylon webbing interior.

  • Essential Leashes

Essential Dog Leahses are ideal for everyday walks and provide you with good control over your dog. 

    • 4 feet long and made of nylon. 
    • Sturdy gunmetal hardware ensures durability.
    • Available in different colors.
  • Rope leashes

Another top-selling dog leash at Koston is the rope leash. They are a popular option made from durable cotton or nylon rope. They give owners excellent control and are comfortable for dogs to wear. Rope leashes come in various sizes and lengths to suit different breeds.

    • 6ft length
    • 10mm nylon rope
    • Brass clamps and lobster swivel hook

2. Harnesses

Dog harness offers several advantages over traditional collars.  They provide comfort, control, and security for both pets and owners. Harnesses are useful training tools, especially front-clip versions. The front clip allows you to quickly redirect your dog's attention back to you. This makes harnesses helpful for leash training.

Let’s have a look at the top selling dog harness collection to explore at Koston:

The Essential harnesses offered by Koston attaches the leash to the chest strap of the harness. This design turns the dog around when they pull on the leash, discouraging pulling. These harnesses provide excellent control and are especially useful for training dogs not to pull.

    • Adjustable to fit a wide range of dog sizes. 
    • The Essential Harnesses are made of vegan leather, rosegold zinc alloy hardware ans nylon interior. 
    • Available in different colors.

Designed for your furry friend, harness Walk Kit includes a functional harness and a matching dog leash. This pet accessory provides gentle pressure to deter pulling without choking the dog. 

    • Dog harness and leash made of  vegan leather. 
    • Ability to hook the leash to the front or the back of the harness.

3. Collars

Collars are a vital accessory for pets as they provide identification and a way to attach leashes for walks. 

Top selling collars at Koston:

These standard collars lay flat and come in various materials like nylon, leather, and fabric. They have a buckle or snap closure. Flat collars are a versatile option suitable for daily walks.

    • Made of vegan leather with a nylon interior for durability and comfort.
    • Features zinc alloy hardware in rosegold for an elegant aesthetic.
    • Designed with adjustable straps to fit a wide range of dog sizes.
    • Available in different colors
  • Harness collars:

Harness collars wrap around the chest rather than just the neck for more control and to prevent pulling on walks. They distribute pressure over the upper body.

When selecting a collar, consider your pet's size, age, temperament, and activities. Proper fit is important for comfort and safety. Matching your leash and collar style provides a put-together look. But most importantly, be sure to choose a well-made collar in the right material to hold up to daily use. Safety collars can provide added protection.

4. Toys 

Pets love toys! Toys provide mental stimulation and physical activity for your furry friend. Several types of dog toys can keep your pup entertained.

  • Puzzle Toys 

Puzzle toys provide mental enrichment by making dogs work to get treats out of the toy. Food puzzle toys come in different shapes and make dogs move and manipulate the toy in different ways to access hidden kibble or treats inside. This gives their brain a workout. 

    1. O Nou Toy

The O NOU toy is designed to engage large dogs in various play activities, promoting physical exercise and mental stimulation. Its durable construction and versatile design make it suitable for interactive play sessions.

    • Two large super-squeakers: Provides added entertainment and stimulation for dogs during playtime.
    • Double stitched seams: Ensures durability and longevity, even during vigorous play sessions.
    • Endless ways of play: Offers versatility in usage, allowing for various shapes and activities like pretzel-making, boating knots, tossing balls, and tug-of-war ropes.
    • Suitable for large dogs: Designed specifically for larger breeds, accommodating their size and strength.

      2. GUU Button Mushroom 

The GUU button mushroom toy is designed to stimulate small pets mentally and physically through its treat-holding pockets and unstable bottom, promoting both playfulness and problem-solving skills.

    • Six slit pockets for treats: Provides multiple compartments to hold rewards, encouraging pets to engage in play and foraging behaviors.
    • Round, unstable bottom: Adds an element of challenge and unpredictability to playtime, stimulating pets' cognitive skills and coordination.
    • Pockets can be pulled for washing: Facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring the toy remains hygienic for continued use.
  • Chew Toys 

Chew toys are great for dogs that like to gnaw and relieve stress. Chew toys are durable and can stand up to heavy chewing. BREUR is a popular chew toy option that massages the jaws. The corduroy fabric is also gentle for the bet while making the toy durable. 

The BREUER play object is specifically designed to cater to active chewers, offering a combination of auditory stimulation, gentle texture, and ergonomic design. Its unique standing design encourages interactive play while providing relief for dogs' jaws and gums.

    • 4 squeakers: Offers multiple auditory stimuli to keep dogs engaged and entertained during play.
    • Soft texture for chewing: Provides a gentle chewing experience, suitable for dogs with sensitive mouths.
    • Unique standing design: Allows the toy to stand up at all angles, making it easy for dogs to grip and interact with.
    • Two size options: Available in small and large sizes to accommodate different breeds and chewing preferences.

5. Beds

A pet bed is one of the most important accessories for pets, especially dogs and cats who spend a lot of time resting and sleeping. Having their bed provides comfort, warmth, and a sense of personal space for pets.

There are several types of pet beds to consider:

The Haro Cushion by Bad Marlon is designed with the comfort and well-being of pets in mind, featuring a thoughtful hollow shape and premium materials for a cozy and secure resting experience. Its reversible design, durable construction, and easy maintenance make it a practical and stylish choice for pet owners.

Features of the Haro Cushion:
    • Hollow shape design: Inspired by the natural sleeping posture of pets, providing a cozy and secure resting environment for cats and dogs.
    • Reversible: Can be flipped onto either side for extra versatility, allowing pets to choose their preferred sleeping surface.
    • Bio-washed cotton cover: Offers durability and resistance to sagging and shedding, ensuring long-lasting use.
    • Microfiber cotton filling: Provides comfort and support while repelling dust mites, promoting a hygienic sleeping environment for pets.
    • Seasonal comfort: Maintains optimal temperature year-round, keeping pets warm and cozy in winter and cool and comfortable in summer.
    • Easy maintenance: Hand-washable with mild detergent, ensuring cleanliness and freshness. Avoid using bleach to preserve the integrity of the material.
    • Measures 30" in length, 24" in width, and 7" in height, providing ample space for pets to stretch out comfortably.

Made of 100% cotton for softness and breathability, Linden pet day bed is manufactured in South Korea. The pet bed combines functionality and aesthetics, featuring high-quality materials for comfort and durability. Its modern design and easy-to-clean features make it a practical and stylish choice for pet owners.

    • High-quality, water-resistant foam: Offers comfort and structure, ensuring a cozy resting spot for pets while also being resistant to water for added durability.
    • Simplistic wood frame: Provides a modern and stylish design, blending seamlessly with various home décors.
    • Hidden Velcro closures: Facilitate easy cleaning, allowing for quick removal and reattachment of the cover without visible fasteners.
    • Hand washable cushion with instructions provided for care, ensuring longevity and cleanliness of the bed. Spot cleanable bed frame with a damp cloth. The cushion has a channeled polyfill interior for maximum comfort.
    • Dimensions of 20 x 17 x 10.6 inches, providing ample space for pets to lounge comfortably.
    • Available in three sizes to fit different crates.

The Porvoo Pet House combines functionality and style, featuring a Scandinavian-inspired design with premium materials for both pet comfort and home aesthetics. Its thoughtful features, easy maintenance, and suitable size make it an ideal retreat for small to medium-sized pets within indoor spaces.

    • Natural light optimization: Vertical and horizontal windows allow light to enter and pass through, creating a brighter and more comfortable environment for pets.
    • Indoor use only: Designed specifically for indoor use, ensuring a cozy and safe retreat for pets within the home.
    • Easy maintenance: Spot clean the house with a damp cloth and gentle, alcohol-free soap for regular cleaning. The cushion cover is machine washable cold with gentle detergent, tumble dry low for convenient care.


    • Made with UV-coated birch plywood and white powder-coated cold rolled steel for durability and stability.
    • Cushion cover crafted from 100% cotton for softness and breathability.
    • Antibacterial microfiber filling provides comfort and hygiene for pets.
Suitable for pets up to 15 lbs: Offers ample space for small to medium-sized pets to rest and relax comfortably.
Measures 17" in width, 26" in depth, and 22" in height, providing a spacious and cozy retreat for pets.

6. Dog Bandana

Dogs need proper attire too! For pet parents who want to adorn their dogs to be a little more stylish, while protecting them from sunlight, bandanas are the perfect option. These bandanas are made of 100% cotton fabric and are handcrafted with love. These come in different measurements that you can choose from as per the size of your dog. 

Verdict: What Should You Choose?

At Koston, we carry a wide selection of top-rated pet accessories to meet all your furry friend's needs. Our products are designed with quality materials for durability and comfort. We also have accessories sized appropriately for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages. 

Explore our pet supplies collection to find the right pet accessories & give your pet the care they deserve!

April 30, 2024

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