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Leash Training

Essential Leash Training Guide

The Importance of Leash Training for Your Puppy  Dogs are naturally inclined to wander, sniff, and show no regard for those 30,000lbs machines coming at them at 60 KM/hour. 🚘...
February 18, 2022
Tags: Pets
Dog Walking App

Top 5 Dog Walking Apps in the US and Canada

What is a Dog Walking App? Like Uber for travel and DoorDash for food, dog walking apps are technology platforms that connect people seeking dog walking services with those who...
January 28, 2022
Tags: Pets
accesories for pet lovers

The Best Accessories For Your Dog

At KOSTON we are all about fashion for our furry friends. So, with you, our urban, stylish, pet-loving friends in mind, we’re here to say your search for dog accessories...
December 10, 2021
Tags: Pets
Harness vs. Collar

Harness vs. Collar: What is Best for Your Dog?

When deciding between a collar and harness, there are three key aspects to consider: Design and style. Size and breed of your dog. Safety and function. We hope to make...
November 12, 2021
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We’re Donating 1000 Meals to Shelter Dogs

Commitment to Our Communities At KOSTON, we are deeply engaged with our community on important issues. We aim to contribute positively by giving back to local and global organizations. That’s...
August 19, 2021
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koston premium pet accesories

Introducing: Pets at KOSTON

Origins of Dog Fashion Four-legged fashion inspiration dates back earlier than the 2000s Paris Hilton and her Canine Couture OOTD. History has shown some of the earliest occurrences of dog...
August 19, 2021
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